COVID-19 screening form

*close contact defined as : - Health care associated exposure without appropriate PPE (including providing direct care for COVID-19 patients, working with health care workers infected with COVID-19, visiting patients or staying in the same close environment of a COVID-19 patient). - Working together in close proximity or sharing the same classroom environment with a with COVID-19 patient. - Traveling together with COVID-19 patient in any kind of conveyance. - Living in the same household as a COVID-19 patient
近距离接触意味着:- 医疗接触并没有佩戴适当的保护装备(包括了照顾Covid-19病患,与确诊Covid-19的医疗业的同事一起工作,探访病人或在一个封闭空间与确诊Covid-19的病患相处)- 与确诊Covid-19的病患一同工作,或是在一个课室般的环境相处 – 与确诊Covid-19的病患一同旅行 – 与确诊Covid-19的病患一同居住
Hubungan rapat bermaksud:-sebagai pegawai sektor kesihatan dan tidak memakai PPE yang lengkap ( Termasuk menjaga pesakit Covid-19, bekerja dengan staf-staf yang dijangkit Covid-19, melawat pesakit Covid-19 ) – bekerja di kawasan sama dengan pesakit Covid-19, atau berada di dalam bilik yang sama dengan pesakit Covid-19 – bersama-sama melancong / tinggal dengan pesakit covid-19

Sorry! We are unable to proceed further for the COVID-19 test request as compliance to MOH guidance and policy which states:

“Individuals that does not meet the above criteria is not allowed to opt for the COVID-19 at private facilities".